About Urban Services Ltd.

Urban Services Ltd. is a Management Consulting and Implementation Company, which combines classic management consultancy with outstanding technological expertise. This approach of thinking in terms of these two areas will simultaneously determine the successful future performance of our clients. Our business is consulting and implementation, our strengths are our senior management where we have collectivity over 70 years of experience in, human resources, finance, trading, healthcare, renewable and sustainable enterprises. The team has initiated collaborations and joint ventures in United Kingdom, Norway and Bangladesh. The team is very proficient in dealing with International Government, Private, Commercial and Not for Profit Organizations. Currently, Urban Services Ltd. is actively engaged in project management, engineering and implementation work with Dhaka WASA, Additionally, via a joint venture with a Norwegian company, we are collaborating with the Government of Bangladesh in the renewable energy sector. We offer our clients solutions in all fields of classic corporate consulting strategy, organization, implementation and HR management.